According to leading neuroscientist, prof. Daniel Siegel, there are “a lot of myths surrounding adolescence that science now clearly shows us are simply not true.” Are teenagers really defiant, immature, irrational and driven by their hormones? Understanding the changes teenagers (ages 12-24) go through can help the teenager and parent to turn conflict into connection and develop a deeper understanding of one another.

I provide effective, evidence-based, therapeutic options and assistance. Therapy for teenagers will usually be in 55-minute sessions, one session per week. It could be as short as a one or two session consultation, or extend to medium or long term therapy.

The most common concerns of parents and teenagers are: family conflict, anxiety, academic stress, depression, self-mutilation (“cutting”), eating disorders and ADHD.

The services I offer parents are:

  • Assessment
  • Therapeutic intervention for teenagers with emotional dysregulation or behavioural problems;
  • Therapeutic interventions with teenagers suffering from eating disorders, self-mutilation (“cutting”), anxiety, depression, phobia, ADHD, bullying, or shyness; and
  • Parent consultations and support.