Welcome! The pain of finding oneself repeatedly caught up in the same pattern is often the catalyst for seeking therapy. A supportive therapist, in a safe therapeutic environment, can be greatly beneficial in helping you achieve the changes and healing in your life that you long for. I provide my clients with a warm and confidential environment in which they can openly express themselves. Therapy is a collaborative effort that aims to bring insight, freedom from debilitating symptoms, resolution of conflict and self-acceptance.

Part of the power of therapy lies in allowing ourselves, finally, to form an attachment to a safe person. A therapist’s unconditional acceptance helps us to modify the circuits in our brain that tell us that we can’t trust anyone, and grow new, healthier neural connections. It can also help us to heal the underlying, cellular damage of traumatic stress, down to our DNA. In one study, patients who underwent therapy showed changes in the integrity of their genome – even a year after their regular sessions ended.

I am a registered Clinical Psychologist with a special interest in individual and couple psychotherapy. I work with adults, couples, teenagers from the age of twelve, babies and parents and support my clients in navigating a wide range of issues.

I hope that the information provided here will assist you in deciding whether psychotherapy is the right choice for you.