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Hold Me Tight – Most Fights are Really Protests Over Emotional Disconnection – by Sue Johnson

“The reliable stats on affairs are that only about 25 percent of men and 11 percent of women report that they’ve ever, across their lifetime, been unfaithful. So affairs are hardly inevitable. The usual trigger for an affair is loneliness and disconnection, rather than lust. In fact, the need to connect and bond with another seems to be the primary driving force in our species. Since bonding is a survival program and a huge source of happiness for us, this makes sense.” The Science of a Happy Love Life: It’s a Lot Simpler Than We’re Led to Believe. An Interview With Dr. Sue Johnson – by Ryan Howes

“If your partner pleads with you to seek help through couples therapy, you might want to consider it. Perhaps see this as an invitation to uncover and reveal more of who you really are—and to learn how to do so together in a constructive way. It’s difficult to see ourselves and our interactional dynamics clearly without reflections back from a caring guide. I have found the research-based approach of Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples (developed by Dr. Sue Johnson) to be particularly beneficial.”
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