Babies & Children

I work with parents and children over the age of 12. For younger children I prefer to work with parents and/or the family. I have a special compassion for parents. Our society places huge demands on parents and it is easy to get lost between conflicting messages from society, family, friends, schools, professionals, or the Internet. I hear parents say how anxious they feel: “I am feeling completely lost and overwhelmed”; “Help, I am not coping!”; “What should I do?” And making an appointment with a psychologist is often the last thing a parent wants to do – just the idea of it makes some of us anxious.

Parents also sometimes worry about “creating an even larger problem” when they seek psychological input during the early stages of whatever is troubling them. They are often surprised when they find that the difficulties become easier and less of a problem as a result of our sessions. Parents experience such relief when their child’s problematic behaviour and feelings can be understood and made sense of.

It is never too early to seek a professional opinion if you are worried about yourself or your baby, toddler, or child. I provide effective, evidence-based, therapeutic options and assistance.

The services I offer to parents are:

  • Parent consultations and support;
  • Therapeutic intervention for parents of children with emotional dysregulation or behavioural problems: tantrums, aggression, emotional outbursts, separation anxiety, depression, anxiety, bed-wetting, school phobia, bullying;
  • Pregnancy & post-child birth: individual consultation and therapy services for pre- and postpartum anxiety or depression;
  • Interventions with parents of colicky or difficult babies, including sleep concerns;
  • Parent-baby therapy for mothers or fathers and babies;
  • Adoption preparation and support; and
  • The Circle of Security Parenting© intervention for individuals or small groups.


Circle of Security (COS) is a relationship based early intervention program designed to enhance attachment security between parents and children. Decades of university-based research have confirmed that secure children exhibit increased empathy, greater self-esteem, better relationships with parents and peers, enhanced school readiness, and an increased capacity to handle emotions more effectively (increased emotional regulation) when compared with children who are not secure. More information: